The use of the latest generation of analytical devices based on Lab-on-a-Chip technologies, requires an instrumentation well adapted to the needs of end-users, with features that do not minimize values such as miniaturization and portability.

One of the main goals for the development of Lab-on-a-Chip systems is focused on the miniaturization of each part of the instruments without compromising their functionality.

The new generation of hand-held instrumentation has to enable the use of microfluidic and electrochemical devices in a very easy way, automating all the analytical processes carried out in food, environment or health analyses.

Thus, total integration and, especially, world-to-chip interfacing is one of the challenges daily performed by MicruX in order to extend the use of the microfluidic and electrochemical devices from research labs to industrial world.

MicruX engeenering department is able to design and develop full integrated microfluidic platforms with the electronic parts for controlling and monitoring the complete system.

These Lab-on-a-Chip systems can be adapted to fulfill the main requirements of the end-users in specific applications in food, environment or health sector.

The experience acquired in the last years by MicruX in the development of innovative analytical instrumentation enables us to offer customized and well-adapted portable instrumentation.

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