MicruX website
Events: II Workshop on Analytical Miniaturization (7-8 June)
MicruX Fluidic collaborates in the II International Workshop on Analytical Miniaturization... [+]
MicruX website
Job opportunity
MicruX is looking for a Bachelor degree in Chemistry... [+]
MicruX website
MicruX awarded in ANCES prizes
Micrux Fluidic has been awarded in ANCES prizes (National Association of BICs)... [+]
MicruX website
New update of the web site
MicruX has incorporated new contents with the purpose... [+]
Events: IX Meeting SECyTA ( 28 - 30 October)
MicruX will attend the 9th Meeting of the SECyTA... [+]
Events: Symposium LACE 2009 (3 - 6 October)
MicruX Fluidic sponsor the 15th Latin American Symposium on Biotechnology, Biomedical... [+]
Events: XV SODECO awards ceremony
XV SODECO Prizes to enterprise projects have been awarded on 18 June 2009... [+]
Prize CEEI 2009
MicruX wins the CEEI Enterprise best-Project Prize
MicruX Fluidic, S.L. has received the 9th CEEI Enterprise Best-Project Prize... [+]
Lab-on-a-Chip 2009
Events: Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress (19 - 20 May)
MicruX Fluidic will attend the 3th Lab-on-a-Chip Annual Congress... [+]
MicruX website
MicruX web site available from May of 2009
MicruX web site is available for customers and users... [+]
MicruX wins BioANCES national award
MicruX Fluidic has received one of the two prizes from Genoma España Foundation and ANCES... [+]
MicruX has been awarded by SODECO
MicruX Fluidic company has received XV SODECO award... [+]
MicruX Fluidic
MicruX, new “spin-off” of the University of Oviedo
MicruX Fluidic, S.L. arises as a spin-off of the University of Oviedo... [+]
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