Events: ELECTROBIONET (Asturias, SPAIN, 9 - 10 November 2017)

MicruX sponsors the II Workshop on Electrochemical Devices (ELECTROBIONET) that will be held from November 9 to 10, 2017 in Asturias, SPAIN [+].


The second Workshop on Electrochemical Devices and the second Workshop ElectroBionet is the key forum to present the latest scientific advances in the context of electrochemical sensors and biosensors. The workshop will offer the possibility to discuss and develop further own concepts with all the attendants.

At this workshop, MicruX will impart a practical session: "Running microfluidic platforms integrating electrochemical sensors: from FIA systems to microfluidic electrophoresis chips".

At this hands-on practical session, attendants will learn more about the use and application of the smart microfluidic and electrochemical solutions provided by MicruX. Don't miss out this opportunity to participate in the practical session. See you at Asturias!!!

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