Microfluidics, electrochemical sensors as well as portable instrumentation developed by MicruX are useful analytical tools for achieving new applications in different fields. Thus, knowledge and technologies in MicruX are at the service of our customers to develop new solutions that fulfill their specific requirements.

MicruX is able to accomplish competitive R&D projects with the specific necessities of our customers for using microfluidic devices, electrochemical sensors and portable instrumentation.

MicruX bets on R&D activities as the basis of new products, always taking advantage of the most innovative Lab-on-a-Chip technologies useful in different sectors. Thus, MicruX can become your right partner for developing innovative solutions in key market segments such as:

Analytical Instrumentation» ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTATION A new generation of portable, user-friendly and safe analytical equipments are the base for extending the use of microfluidic and electrochemical devices beyond the research labs to the industrial world with novel applications [+].

Health» HEALTH Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) technologies based on microfluidics and electrochemical sensors can bring new solutions in order to fulfill the requirements of the clinical field where are accomplished a large number of daily analysis [+].

Food» AGRIFOODSTUFFSThe development of new microfluidic and electrochemical solutions opens the gate to new analytical tools for fast quality control of food and related products in a more simple and easy way [+].

Environment » ENVIRONMENTAutomation and miniaturization of current industrial equipments is of paramount importance for environmental pollution control in water, air or soil as well as full integration into industrial processes [+].

MicruX provides high quality services by using the most innovative technologies and highly qualified personnel. Thus, all the projects and needs of our customers are individually studied in order to fix the best solutions from the technical and economical point of view.

News & Events
December 22, 2017
New available position: Computer Engineer [+].
October 30, 2017
Events: ELECTROBIONET (Asturias, SPAIN, 9 - 10 November 2017) [+].
October 09, 2017
Events: MicroTAS 2017 (Savannah, Georgia - USA, 22 - 26 October 2017) [+].
September 04, 2017
New Product: Multi8x All-in-One (AIO) Platform [+].
June 12, 2017
New Products: External Electrodes & Platform [+].
April 10, 2017
microTAS 2017 - Get a Free Full Registration!!! [+].
March 13, 2017
Updated MicruX' Catalogue 2017 [+].
March 01, 2017
Events: First European BioSensor Symposium (Potsdam, Germany, 20 - 23 March 2017) [+].
February 06, 2017
Microfluidic Lab Practice Packs - Special Offers [+].
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